Photos of the Kilcher family farm from The Last Frontier


Life in the remote Alaskan town of Homer is beautiful but rough for the Kilcher family, as the Discovery Channel hit shows Alaska: The Last Frontierr since 2011. Living off the land can be brutal at times, but it also brings the family together to work as a team on the farm. The photos they share on social media give a great insight into their unique lifestyle.

Patriarch Atz-Kilcher and his brother Otto led their family members through farming, growing food, hunting, and fishing during the summer months to prepare for the cold Alaskan winters. They are helped by the wife of Atz Bonnie Dupree, his son, Atz Lee Kilcher, and wife Joan, Otto’s wife, Charlotte, his son, Eivin and his wife, Day before.

The most famous member of the Kilchers is the daughter of Atz, singer Jewel. She grew up on the 600-acre farm but left when she was 16 to attend a music conservatory school in Michigan. Jewel went on to become a folk-pop superstar in the 1990s. The “You Were Meant For Me” singer finally appeared on Alaska: The Last Frontier in 2016 to show off her son, Kase, whom she shares with her ex-husband, a pro rodeo cowboy Ty Murray, what his grueling but beautiful life was like growing up on a remote farm in Alaska.

“Well, I really wanted to take my son up there, and I wanted to wait until he was old enough to remember that. So it had been at least six years since I had been home. C It was beyond magical to me. I’m very, very proud of the way I was raised,” she said. Channel guide November 2016 review.

“I think it gave me the kind of values, groundedness and down-to-earth that helped me stay true to my values ​​as someone who ended up in the spotlight. We don’t never taught me that fame or money make you happy. It’s what kind of human you are. It’s something I’ve always tried to stick to,” she explained, adding “Sharing it with my son and letting him see the farm and being with my dad, and learning things from my dad was incredibly heartwarming for me,” Bijou recalled.

“When I was first discovered, reporters would ask me how I was raised, and they just couldn’t figure it out. They said, ‘It was a commune? Was it a ranch? Why? didn’t you have plumbing? It was so hard for people to understand that I kind of stopped talking about it. I’m really proud, though, that there’s a beautifully filmed show in which I can be, “This is where I was raised, and this is How? ‘Or’ What I was raised.’ I’m so proud that there’s a family on TV showing what it’s like to choose to work hard because the rewards are unbelievably great. I’m just very proud of them.

Scroll down for a photographic tour of the Kilcher family estate from Alaska: The Last Frontier.


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