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90 day fiance Newcomer Jibri Bell recently made headlines after a televised argument with his best friend and teammate, Daveed, turned physical. Daveed questioned Jibri about fiancée Miona’s intentions, which resulted in a duo fight. Viewers are eager to find out if their otherwise strong friendship can survive.

Jibri, who is currently starring in the ninth season of the TLC reality series, is working hard to make a name for herself in the music industry. He’s busy balancing his career, returning to his home state of South Dakota, and his relationship with Serbian beauty Miona, who just arrived in the United States on her K-1 visa. The stylish couple seem to have many dreams and aspirations in common, and they both put a lot of effort into their relationship. Even though Jibri clearly loves the limelight, fans are learning new things about the multifaceted musician every day.


Jibri is a musician

90 Day Fiance Season 9 Jibri Bell

Jibri is the leader of the Black Serbs, a band he describes as “space punk”. The group mixes various musical styles, including hip-hop, punk and electronica. Jibri founded Black Serbs with his high school friend and emcee, Daveed Dacho, originally from Serbia.

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The group is completed by Damn Brandi, a talented rapper, as well as producer and multi-instrumentalist Space Cash. They have toured Chicago, Serbia, and Macedonia, among other places, and regularly release new music.

Jibri is a scammer

Jibri may soon win the title of one of the smartest 90 day fiance husbands. During his short stint on the reality series, he has already found plenty of ways to monetize his fame. He released the latest Black Serbs single, as well as one for his solo musical project, on the same day 90 day fiance 9th season in premiere. He’s also on YouTube and Cameo, and often partners with brands on his Instagram page.

However, one of the musician’s most notable crushes involves the pants he ripped before Miona arrived in the United States. He created an NFT inspired by his wardrobe malfunction, which sold for over $10,000. Eventually, Jibri sold the original ripped pants for a whopping $28,000.

Jibri likes to travel

90 day fiancé Miona and Jibri Bell

Jibri and Miona love to travel. They spent time together all over the United States, as well as in Zanzibar, Tanzania, Kenya, Spain, Dubai, Serbia and Thailand, where Jibri proposed.

Constant displacements are one of the many currents 90 day fiance Criticisms. Viewers have wondered how reality stars regularly go on luxury vacations and then claim, like Jibri and Miona, that they can’t afford to live anywhere but Jibri’s mother’s house. However, traveling provides an important opportunity to learn about the world and the young couple should enjoy these experiences while they are able.

Jibri met Miona while touring with her band

Miona and Jibri Bell from 90 Day Fiancé Season 9

Jibri met Miona in 2019 while touring with Black Serbs in her home country Serbia. He was performing at the EXIT Festival and Miona was present. Jibri said they met during her performance and then reunited after the set.

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The couple dated for about 6 months before Jibri popped the question. In a recent Q&A video on the couple’s YouTube channel, Miona revealed that she had been a fan of Jibri’s music and online personality for more than a decade before meeting him at the festival.

Jibri has many significant tattoos

Jibri is covered in tattoos, many of which are deeply meaningful to him. On a recent Instagram reel, he showed off the art on his right leg, which he called “a canvas for my ancestors who fought for my freedom.” Her leg features detailed imagery of civil rights leader Malcolm X and abolitionist Harriet Tubman.

Jibri also has an image of his grandfather on his chest, as well as several animal tattoos, including a lion and a wolf. He often works with the same tattoo artist, Slobodan Pepic of Pepic Tattoo Studio in Serbia, who specializes in realistic artwork. Jibri visits Slobodan’s studio every year to get inked.

Jibri is a fashion designer

Miona Jibri Bell USA Instagram Married Still Together in 90 Days Fiance 2

Both Jibri and Miona are style icons in the making. The duo’s shared interest in fashion and their support of each other’s passions quickly made them one of 90 day fiance warmest couples.

While living in Los Angeles, Jibri worked as a celebrity stylist. Now he’s teaming up with Miona and her mother, who is a seamstress, to create a unique clothing line. They sell their handmade creations, as well as other items they have purchased, on their Poshmark page. According to Miona, many items for sale were worn on the show.

Jibri is close to his mother

Jibri Bell Mom 90 Day Fiance Season 9

Jibri is very close to his mother, Mahala. He said on the show that his birth father wasn’t in the picture when he was growing up. In an adorable Mother’s Day Instagram post, Jibri thanks her mom for providing for her and explains, “Watching you and learning from you has given me the strength and wisdom to be a great human…”

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Unfortunately for Jibri, Miona doesn’t feel the same way about Mahala. During a recent 90 days episode, Mahala called out Miona for her risque clothing choices and asked her to dress more conservatively. Miona, of course, was offended by the request. Jibri tried to encourage his mother and his future wife to see beyond their differences.

Jibri is a commercial truck driver

Jibri’s best friend and teammate, Daveed, started Strong Group Trucking Company during the pandemic. He encouraged Jibri to get a commercial trucking license and drive for the company. Jibri accepted Daveed’s offer, briefly driving trucks and training drivers for the company.

However, Jibri retired from trucking to pursue her music and her relationship with Miona. Daveed and Jibri have had a strained relationship since then, with Daveed expressing his doubts about Miona. However, the friends seem to have the best intentions for each other. Daveed turns out to be one of many 90 days secondary characters deserving of their own spin-off.

Jibri feels at home in Serbia

Jibri has embraced Serbian culture since befriending bandmate Daveed, a Serbian refugee. He has since learned to speak a little Serbian with Daveed and is now practicing the language with Miona. The musician even occasionally gives interviews in Serbian.

In an interview with Telegraf, Jibri said that Serbia “was my second home”. He continued: “My wife is Serbian [referring to Miona], and my life is Serbian, and everything that is Serbian for me is fair. Jibri said he felt more racially accepted in Serbia than in the United States, explaining, “When I come to Serbia…I’m not black, I’m human.” I’m not human in America…I’m garbage.”

Jibri goes by his middle name

90 Day Fiance Jibri Bell Season 9

Jibri’s full name is actually David Jibri Ritcherson-Bell but, like many celebrities, he chooses to use his middle name instead. It is not known when or why he decided to go through Jibri. It could be because his teammate’s name is Daveed, and they don’t want to confuse fans, or he may just prefer his middle name.

Jibri has several pseudonyms, in Serbia he is called Jovan Crnovic. Additionally, an Instagram post on the Black Serbs account states that Jibri was “gifted with the name Yovo by his brother Dacho [Daveed].” Jibri is not the only one 90 days star to go by their middle name. Chantel Jimeno’s legal first name is CeAir and her middle name is Chantel.

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