To find the perfect packaging for your unique product, Habobox is the place to go.


Habobox is an online store that manufactures and wholesales custom packaging boxes exactly as the customer requires.

Haobobox is an online company that sells personalized pancake boxes for jewelry, watches, chocolates and teas. They are professionals who provide wholesale packaging boxes and are also custom jewelry box factory. Their products are made of premium materials that are durable and attractive. For on-demand custom boxes, the store offers a reasonable price range without compromising on quality. Haobobox welcomes new and old customers to contact them for future business purposes, so that they can prosper together.

Their famous products include wooden watch boxes, personalized jewelry boxes, wooden cigar boxes, wooden perfume boxes, calendars, paper boxes, leather boxes, acrylic boxes and many more. The store is well known for making custom boxes and calendar holders from starch. Their products are not already made but are customized according to the size and shape of the customers. Haobobox’s custom packaging box is a great choice for custom box making. They provide their customers with a basic idea through which customers can create their ideal box by adding a wide variety of finishes and additions. To make the perfect box, according to haobobox, there are a few things you need to know about boxes. The company offers different boxes that are environmentally friendly and can help people save money. Personalized jewelry boxes are made from different eco-friendly materials, such as cardboard, corrugated cardboard and rigid cardboard.

They can be made in a variety of thicknesses and colors to suit the tastes of the customer. In addition to solid colors, people can also incorporate their brand colors. The size and shape of the box are fixed according to the product. Therefore, regardless of the unique shape of the product, haobobox can work around it. A company logo can be effectively added to the box without detracting from the sleekness of the design. Whether a person is selling food, cosmetics, clothing, or jewelry, custom boxes are the perfect solution for product packaging. A custom packaging box must be manufactured in a way that meets the needs of the industry. A personalized packaging box is a valuable tool for promoting your business. Whether the product is expensive or cheap, good quality packaging can add appeal to the product and improve brand image. Haobobox follows a few simple steps to create a personalized packaging box. First, they talk to customers and confirm the price. Then they ask the client to provide them with the idea for the artwork as a digital file. Third, they provide a preview of the design and ask for confirmation. The product is delivered after mass production.

Haobobox sells its products to Europe, the Middle East, America and many other regions around the world. They are considered one of the best jewelry box manufacturer. They prioritize customer satisfaction above all else, which is why all of their products are reviewed and confirmed by customers before production so that the customer receives exactly what they ordered.

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Company Name: Jinhua Haobo Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd
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Call: +86 15857929904
Address:301, Unit 1, Bldg. 70, Lingyun Area 1, Yiwu
City: Jinhua
State: Zhejiang
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