Student art is a big draw for West Kowloon


Jane Cheung

More than 250 Kowloon-themed artworks created by some 650 Hong Kong students will be featured in the first community exhibition at the West Kowloon Cultural District.

The exhibition, jointly organized by the Hong Kong Tourism Board and the Hong Kong University of Education from June 1 to 17, will also feature 12 highlight pieces by students from the university.

They include an installation made up of more than 80 bamboo sticks commonly used as hangers on the roofs of apartment buildings in the old west part of Kowloon which has been mounted on a canvas measuring 1.8 by 1.8 meters Mr.

Designer and fourth-year university student Emily Tsang Hok-lam said the piece was inspired by her childhood memories of growing up on Shanghai Street.

“When I was about four or five years old, I used to run around and play hide and seek with my cousin on the roof of our building where quilts were hanging from these bamboo sticks,” he said. she declared.

Tsang said the colored protective plastic film on the surface of the poles peels off after heavy use, which inspired her to use this deteriorating process in her streetscape.

The work – aptly called Aging – expresses 22-year-old Tsang’s sentimental view of the changes in old Yau Ma Tei.

The right half shows a pawn shop sign and the left half a mirror and glass store.

Another work of art is an Indian ink painting of Yau Ma Tei, Jordan and West Kowloon in a bird’s eye view, with a dragon and a tiger mixed in buildings for to echo the Chinese idiom “crouching tiger, hidden dragon”.

The Journey to West Kowloon exhibition runs at the arts pavilion of the cultural center from June 1 to 17. Free entry.

The exhibition is among the board’s “surprise” features under the Arts in Hong Kong program allowing visitors to enrich their neighborhood experiences and memories.

Another surprise is a new online platform allowing people to visit three attractions – Tai Kwun in Central, M+ in West Kowloon and the Jockey Club Creative Arts Center in Shek Kip Mei, each with personalized virtual figures.

The tourist board has also created an interactive map with arts and culture guides for each cultural hotspot.

Also to promote the SAR, the council organizes Hong Kong-themed art events by inviting “Hong Kong super fans” who are active in arts and culture.

Meanwhile, 78 of the 99 hotels in the board’s Staycation Delights program were fully booked yesterday. And the 30,000 seats in the first round of local tours have been taken.

A second round of local tours will be launched next month, with the tourist board reminding people to keep retail and catering receipts for expenses of HK$800 or more so they can register for the program .


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