Saatchi Art online art gallery launches iconic NFT collection


The leading online gallery Saatchi Art has opened reservations for its first NFT collection “The Other Avatars”.

Available to the public on January 9, the non-fungible token collection features more than 2,000 “non-generative art avatars” that draw inspiration from artists like Vincent van Gogh and creative thinkers whose approaches are “ahead of their time”. time “.

More than 150 global artists, who have contributed over $ 5 million in collective sales on Saatchi Art, were hand-selected by a curating team to design the series of “hand-crafted, custom-designed avatars. ‘origin and various styles “.

Each artist will create 10-20 unique avatar artwork, many of which are digital creations developed from physical artwork.

A Van-Gogh-inspired avatar created by artist Nikolina Petolas

The avatars will also feature 11 ‘pre-built’ traits that artists will use to create each of their own unique Van Gogh-inspired works of art.

Hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, interested collectors can participate in the direct sale of this collection by paying a fixed price of 0.1 ETH, plus Ethereum gas fees, to receive one of the collection’s randomly awarded NFTs. .

The series of avatars will then be made available on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. Additionally, similar to sales of physical artwork on Saatchi Art, artists will earn 65% on the sale of their avatars, which will also extend to royalties collected on secondary sales.

In addition, Saatchi Art will seek to partially mitigate the environmental impact of the project by calculating the CO2 emissions of “The Other Avatars” and then explore ways to reduce the carbon footprint.

The gallery commented on the role of NFTs in the modern art world, saying that “while many think NFTs are a passing fad to be ignored, others – including the Saatchi Art team – believe that” they will play a major role in the future of art “. .

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