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— The ladies behind an adorable cow logo and creative, splurge-worthy frozen drinks are two hardworking sisters who believe in running their business with kindness, quality teas, and lots of fun.

Identical twins Nyah and Nicole Johnson were 19 when they started their own business. Personal touches like artwork, stuffed animals, and a retro pink telephone line the shelves of their cozy tea cafe.

MooMooCha opened off US Highway 70 in Garner around the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The sisters, now 21, said business was better than expected.

“We were expecting it not to be crowded, but I think because we were new a lot of people came,” they said. “We have a lot of support for Garner.”

The Willow Springs sisters first tried boba, or bubble tea, when they were 14, after their favorite YouTube star mentioned it. They quickly fell in love and researched where to find boba in North Carolina, visiting every cafe they could find.

Strawberry Cheesecake Tea at MooMooCha, Garner

They widened their search by trying to visit at least seven teahouses in each state they visited. A family vacation wasn’t complete without a visit to every bubble tea shop they could find, and the sisters have tasted boba in New York, Washington, DC and even France. They even got to meet their favorite YouTuber on their travels.

“I think for our parents it was a trip to do something else, but for us it was a trip for boba,” they laughed.

When it came time to start their business, the twins received support from their parents and advice from other small business owners, but after trying out such a variety of boba shops, Nyah and Nicole knew they had to research their own- even the best suppliers to source their Ingredients.

Running MooMooCha means they don’t have a lot of free time, but the sisters said making their dream come true has been worth it and their work family has become their best friend. They just got back from a trip to the beach with their staff.

“There were a lot of sacrifices in the beginning, but we’ve become very close friends with the people who work here. It’s like hanging out with our friends all the time,” they described.

The menu

Boba tea is traditionally an iced tea drink with fluffy tapioca balls. Matcha (a special finely ground green tea), strawberry and brown sugar milk tea are popular flavors, but MooMooCha’s menu is more creative.

There’s usually a special rotating themed menu – most recently inspired by Pokémon characters. For a limited time, customers could order a Jigglypuff (grapefruit cider with pomegranate poppers), the Pokédex (a red velvet smoothie with cherry poppers) and the Pikachu (mango milk with star jelly with mango).

Last year, the My Little Pony card featured colorful drinks like the Rainbow Dash.

Popular items on the menu include coffee and tea concoctions and the savory and sweet strawberry cheesecake, a refreshing strawberry tea with jelly bits on the bottom, and a salty cream cheese cap.

The selection for bubble tea fans is huge. Customers can choose between traditional boba or fruity “poppers” in flavors such as strawberry, mango and kiwi. Some teas are made with jellies, with flavors like lychee, star mango, and coffee.

Drinks can be vegan or customized upon request.


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