Mohsin Naveed Ranjha Honors Radio Pakistan With Eidul Azha 2022 Collection


With Eidul Azha just around the corner, Eid collections have been making waves on social media. With everyone putting their best foot forward, the public is certainly having a hard time choosing the perfect outfits to don during the Eid festivities. As we sift through the multitude of collections hitting the stores, haute couture designer Mohsin Naveed Ranjha’s latest “Radio Pakistan” collection has definitely caught our eye.

The Eid collection pays tribute to Radio Pakistan and the honorable service it has rendered to the country. It was shot in the vintage location giving you all the right feels and gives you a peek into where all the magic happened! From models resembling the gorgeous ladies of the 60s to the beautiful vintage locale, the Radio Pakistan collection is a one-of-a-kind package that reflects the glorious years radio has spent spreading happiness and hope to every Pakistani home.

The collection features a dreamy color palette with pastel hues and uses traditional prints, embellishments and fine embroidery on beautiful silks, karandi and cotton net. The outfits are perfect to wear in the sweltering summer months and bring back all the grace and glamor of the bygone era. Each outfit is named after a prominent presenter and singer.

“Continuing our tradition of showcasing local heritage, our latest collection takes our guests to the glorious halls of the Pakistan Radio building in Lahore. Each piece bears the names of eminent radio presenters and singers. We have made our best to offer the highest quality lightweight, lightweight fabrics and have chosen a color palette guided by the shades of the season so our customers can enjoy looking great even in warm weather.

The iconic collection has received praise from around the world and has also been featured in Vogue! Here’s what the designer had to say about Radio Pakistan and the iconic architecture the building is known for.

“The iconic architecture of this building serves as the backdrop for our latest collection, Radio Pakistan. As a brand that makes a living by producing traditional and rather festive fashion, we have overtime photographed in the palaces and streets of the region. We see this campaign celebrating Pakistan in many ways. The cross-pollination of Radio Pakistan’s illustrious history from the 1940s to today, its building’s iconic architecture with our signature MNR was very exciting to me.

The designer has a great vision of Pakistan and thinks all parts of the country, its people and its colors are beautiful

Apart from Radio Pakistan paying homage and showcasing Pakistani heritage, the latest collection has shattered the norms of the Pakistani fashion industry. DVC and campaign shoot features models Riaz and Javeria, MNR was inclusive and broke beauty standards by showing us that a darker complexion or someone with vitiligo can also be part of a high-end designer campaign.


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