Local artists use exhibit to help ease concerns over COVID-19 vaccine


LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – More than one million Nebraskanians are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the state.

For some people, concerns about vaccine safety still exist, but one local group is using artwork to curb vaccine hesitancy.

Artists across the state and some in other states want to use their artwork to alleviate vaccination issues.

A total of 46 posters will be displayed at the Nebraska State Capitol. Each of them has their own unique message about COVID-19 vaccines.

“We wanted some of them to sound like getting vaccinated is cool and keep repeating that message,” said Bob Hall, one of the performers.

At the start of the pandemic, Hall helped create a weekly comic, explaining COVID-19 to children.

He used different characters that he thought could be relatable.

He wanted to do something similar with the exhibition.

“A goat, a mouse and a bat, I know they are on display here. And we did one that was the Omicron virus itself,” Hall said. “These are all characters that appeared in our other comic and we said, let’s use these guys again.”

This week, half of the posters are presented in the exhibition. The other half will be on display next week.

Worlds of Connections is the group that launched the exhibition. They got a $54,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to pay the artists and pay for the posters.

“We don’t want people to feel defensive. We don’t want people to feel bad,” said Julia McQuillan of Worlds of Connections. “We hope people will reflect, have a little humor or have a little insight. We hope to give people many reasons to choose to get vaccinated. This is a powerful public health message.

It is also a message that they want to convey.

They hope to put the posters in places other than the Capitol.

“Hopefully these get distributed enough that there are areas where we just can’t get comment,” Hall said. “We just have to hope people saw it.”

The posting lasts until next Friday. The work will be placed on their website after the exhibition. They also plan to use the 46 posters to create a comic book.

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