Katia Skye launches as an independent canvas and acrylic wall art brand


Talented artist, Katia Skye, announces the launch of her own brand to offer quality, immersive canvas and acrylic prints for home decor, office decor and apparel.

Katia Skye took her quest to provide the best experience for art lovers across the globe to another level after launching an independent brand, Katia Skye LLC. The brand will offer its customers premium artworks of different categories, helping them to beautify their space – home and office, as well as prints for shirts and similar items.

The art world has evolved over the years becoming a multi-billion dollar industry with thousands of talented painters and artists as well as brands offering masterpieces to their target audience. However, the market still needs more works that speak to audiences of all backgrounds, and that’s where Katia Skye aims to make a difference with the launch of her independent art brand.

Katia Skye aims to bring a world of creativity closer to its audience, with the brand offering different collections of artwork created with excellent craftsmanship and the latest printing technology. The versatile artist is known for offering her works on canvas, acrylic and clothing and she brings her expertise to her collections, thanks to a team of passionate, experienced and well-trained professionals.

Popular acrylic and canvas wall art collections currently offered by Katia Skye include Kobe Bryant Acrylic Drawings, Tupac Shakur Wall Art, and the Poker Collection. Each print is coated with a protective, scratch-resistant UV laminate to ensure durability.

For more information on Katia Skye and the brand’s range of masterpieces, visit – https://www.katiaskye.com/. The campaign for good art also continues on social media, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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The country: United States
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