‘IMAGINE’ art posters will be auctioned off as NFTs for charity


A recently launched striking poster campaign titled “IMAGINE”, designed to highlight unconscious gender bias, is now up for auction as an NFT. The auction will continue June 17 at the Mondrian Hotel, Shoreditch, at an evening to celebrate gender diversity in art and allow guests to explore the world of Web3 creativity. All proceeds from the auction will support three charities, marking the start of a forever fundraising campaign.

IMAGINE art posters will be auctioned as NFT on June 17th.

About NFT IMAGINE Poster

The series of striking posters originally appeared online and on UK outdoor advertising sites to mark International Women’s Day. In response to an avalanche of support, the creatives behind the posters at advertising agency CPB London have developed a permanent record of the original work as an NFT collection.

Guests who win the auction for their favorite poster on June 17 will walk away with physical art. They will also receive a unique NFT minted on the Polygon blockchain. That way, collectors will have a chance to sell it on secondary markets, if they so choose.

A 10% charitable donation for all future trades is built into the NFT. In addition, the funds raised will be divided between Beyond Equality, the Women for Women’s Ukraine Fund, and the Young Women’s Trust as part of an infinity fundraising initiative created by CPB London.

Prior to the auction, a panel of speakers will discuss the possibilities offered by Web3 to create lasting impact, transforming charitable fundraising structures and connecting global communities. Joining the panel are:

  • Leah Sams, the Power Artist Behind Power of Women NFTs
  • Tina Ziegler, Art Curator and NFT Consultant who worked on the recent Adidas NFT show
  • Lavinia Devonshire, founder of Women in Blockchain Talks (and the plaintiff at the center of last month’s groundbreaking NFT theft case)
MAGINE campaign posters displayed in the tube
The IMAGINE NFT Poster Auction follows a gripping real-life campaign.

All event attendees will receive PAOPs

All participants in the IMAGINE Poster NFT Auction will receive a free POAP, a unique Proof of Stake protocol. Plus, they’ll also get priority access to a follow-up collection. This collection will present new interpretations by artists of the theme of unconscious gender bias. The event will also hold a preview of the artworks. Also, future art collections will drop on Rarible later in the year. The collection will support emerging and established artists through an integrated royalty structure as well as the three original charities.

Helen James, Managing Director of CPB London, commented, “The love shown for the original posters is amazing, from everyday people to academics, brands and activists – even government bodies. Minting the collection as NFT allows us to preserve the work for posterity on the blockchain, but also to strengthen the charity fundraising element through the wonders of Web3.

NFT art is a growing field, with London being one of the world’s two main hubs for auctions. According to a study by NonFungible, the total value of NFT transactions quadrupled to around £178 million last year. However, the wealth created by many of these transactions remains largely in the hands of men. Women only own about 16% of all NFTs, according to ArcTactic.

This reality reflects a lack of gender parity in the broader traditional art world. To auctions, women’s works of art sell at a significant discount to those of men. In addition, only two works of women have never made it into the top 100 painting auctions, although women were the subject of about half of the top 25.

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