Fashion designer Todd Snyder is behind these perfectly rustic Maine bungalows


Todd Snyder just can’t leave Maine. The Iowa-born designer behind the eponymous New York-based menswear brand began visiting the Pine State in the summer of 2019, while researching his first collaboration with LL Bean. These early journeys resulted in a much-celebrated Fall 2020 runway fantasy orange-soled duck boots, emerald-colored corduroy suits, camouflage-lined quilted vests, and other iterations of New England outdoor gear that’s gone wildly stylish.

This collection, in turn, led to his immersive design for a two-bedroom Todd Snyder x LL Bean treehouse lodge at hidden pond, a luxury resort in Kennebunkport, Maine, set amid 60 acres of birch-dotted forest. Since then, Snyder has kept coming back to Maine for more, creating several more collections with LL Bean and, more recently, the launch of new interiors for 20 one bedroom bungalows at the hidden pond.

“I fell in love with Maine when I first started coming here,” Snyder says, “and I’ve learned a lot from it since.”

Country suites use earth tones and patterns often associated with outdoor sports, such as plaid and camouflage.

This time around, tasked with designing the 650-square-foot bungalows at Hidden Pond, Snyder saw it as an “opportunity to really dive deep into the Maine aesthetic,” he says. “What’s so interesting and remarkable to me about this place is that it’s so diverse, region by region. You drive half an hour, and it’s totally different.

To celebrate this range, Snyder, who worked with Hidden Pond’s in-house design team Krista Stokes and Mark Cotto, created a trio of looks, each tied to a different aspect of the landscape that captivated him so much: the rocky coast. , high mountains and wooded countryside.

For the coastal bungalows, he created a light and bright, cool and airy story, with neutral sand and low contrast blue hues, whitewashed woods, pale sisal rugs and shell-patterned wallpaper. shell based on a decoupage drawing by his friend. John Derian. He was particularly inspired by Mount Katahdin in central Maine when designing the mountain bungalows, playing with cognac-colored leathers, dark blue velvet and a William Morris acanthus leaf print on the walls. to create a luxurious log cabin look.


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