An artist wins a prize she has always been waiting for


A WOMAN from Henley won an award for her artwork.

Belinda Fitzwilliams won the Marie Dyson Prize at the annual Reading Guild of Artists exhibition at the Old Fire Station Gallery in Henley, for her two watercolours.

Ms Fitzwilliams, 79, who lives in Adwell Square, has been an art teacher throughout her adult life and said: ‘It’s absolutely wonderful. I wanted it all my life. I’ve been in it for 30 years and I’m just thrilled to finally get it.

“I unfortunately have vision problems now and that means I can’t devote myself so much to art and teaching, so it’s just nice to receive this award.” Clive Duncan, a sculptor from Shiplake and former president of the guild, founded in 1930, picked the winners and said there was a wide variety of talent to choose from.

Ms Fitzwilliams won first place for two of her watercolors titled ‘I Love My Cello’, painted in gouache of a slightly abstract brown and white cello, and ‘Nude at Dusk’, where acrylic paint was also used to draw the body. .

Mr Duncan, who judged them, said: “Belinda captured the essence of her subjects. These are understated but visually strong images. Ms Fitzwilliams received the award last Friday at the launch of the Art Works exhibition, the guild’s 91st in Henley, which is designed to show the many benefits of art.

The exhibition presents around 150 paintings, drawings, original prints, sculptures, ceramics and three-dimensional works of art. It will take place at the Upper Market Place site until Tuesday.

Marie Dyson, for whom the Two-Dimensional Art Prize is named after her, helped expand the organization’s activities in the early sixties.

This year, the guild also introduced a prize for three-dimensional pieces called the Pauline Mercier prize.


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