An art exhibition showcases the beauty of the northern regions


Islamabad: An art exhibition titled “The Golden Hour” showcased landscapes and sights of the northern regions with the aim of promoting tourism nationally and internationally.

In an exhibition, the artist presented stunning landscapes and sights of the northern regions including Naran, Babusar Top, Hunza and Khunjarab, capturing the beauty of nature with their creative originality and technical skills in chosen mediums.

The exhibition continued at the Pakistan National Arts Council (PNCA) in collaboration with the Nomad Art Gallery. According to Masroor Shah, head of PNCA, “The Golden Hour” was presented by 15 artists across the country exploring their creativity and originality through art.

He added that the Naran and Kaghan valleys in the Himalayan mountains of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are at the top of the best places in the northern regions of the country. “The Naran Valley remains open to tourists from May to September and remains closed during winters from October to April due to heavy snowfall,” he added.

The artists painted the roads leading to the valley which were blocked by avalanches.

The artists also, through the colors of their canvas, tried to project that every year a large number of visitors come to the site with their friends, families and relatives to capture the best memories.

The exhibition has helped visitors, art and nature lovers to know that the valley is surrounded by lush green mountains and alpine forests which give travelers a beautiful impact on the Himalayan valleys which have long been remembered by them.

In the valley there is much more to discover like the fairy tales of Lake Saif Ul Malook, the hike to Lake Ansoo, Lake Lulusar, Lake Queen Dudipatsar and finally the Babusar Top. Talented artists from different backgrounds have a proven track record in projecting nature through colors which added more creativity and life to nature.


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