8 great retro video games that will put you in a good mood


Retro video games are one of the best choices for gamers who just want to relax and have a good time. Most of these vintage games are super easy, making them a great choice for casual gamers and beginners. It’s easy to find adventure games and even downright funny video games that are sure to make gamers laugh and improve their mood.

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Players can easily find all kinds of games that have stood the test of time and proven popular and highly regarded for many decades. These fun and relaxing video games are some of the best games ever made and are always fun to play. None of these retro video games cause headaches or stress, so fans can enjoy pure joyful gaming time.

8 Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was one of the funniest retro video games in 1984, and it’s still a game that will be very enjoyable if you like history and enjoy playing interactive fiction games with great puzzles and epic adventures.

The game is based on the novel by Douglas Adams, and it was also co-written by him. Since the story closely follows the plot of the novel, players can become Arthur Dent and survive the worst day of their life while solving challenging puzzles inspired by the novel’s most iconic scenes.

seven The Lion King

The Lion King The game quickly followed the movie’s original release and huge success in 1994. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to relive their childhood memories. Since it’s based on the animated movie, fans can take on the role of Simba who has to experience fun and spooky adventures just like in the movie.

The game has beautiful graphics, great scenes and music that reflects the movie. The game can be difficult at times, so remember to set it to an easy level. This Lion King the game is still charming and enjoyable as long as players remember not to be irritated by those wriggling hippo tails.

6 grave robber

Over the decades, fans have enjoyed several versions of Lara Croft, but the original grave robber released in 1996 is still one of the most beloved classic 3D adventure games out there. Even in the first game, Lara is very acrobatic, the world is detailed and exciting, and players have to solve exciting puzzles.

Players can become Lara in this groundbreaking 3D video game and embark on an epic adventure to recover an ancient artifact known as Scion. To date the first grave robber is one of the highest rated of all time and is still as exciting to play as it was in the 90s. it just keeps on being fun.

5 Pac man

Pac man originally called Puck-Man is perhaps the best known and most played game since it took the world by storm and launched a franchise that is still going strong to this day. It’s a nostalgic game with charming characters and one of the most iconic ghosts in video games.

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Whereas Pac man is an original arcade game, fans don’t need to visit arcades to play and may well deserve it Pac man fun time in the comfort of their own home.

4 pokemon red and blue

the original pokemon red and blue the 1998 games started all Pokemon mania. It’s one of the funnest franchises that appeals to younger and older fans alike. This game is a perfect choice for Pokemon fans who like to learn the facts about the original Pokemon games but have never really tried an original game and want to give it a try. However, it will also be an enjoyable gaming time for retro gamers who love quirky and comfortable games.

This classic RPG video game has nostalgic 4-bit background music and monochrome pixel art that will easily make gamers feel comfortable and relaxed. It’s also a great choice for beginners because it’s not a particularly difficult game.

3 sonic the hedgehog

In 1991, the first sonic the hedgehog the video game arrived and a new franchise was launched. This now iconic game gave the world not only the cutest speedy hedgehogs, but also one of the most iconic foxes in video games. The franchise’s charming characters and fun gameplay stole the hearts of fans around the world and quickly became one of the most popular video games of all time.

It is a fairly simple yet very enjoyable and dynamic side-scrolling 2D platform video game. Players can control the main character Sonic who must speed through areas while collecting rings and defeating enemies.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is another now iconic classic video game released in 1991. This classic action-adventure game has charming and dynamic graphics and creative but sometimes challenging gameplay.

Thanks to its unique game design, this game is not only the first in the Legend of Zelda series, but it is also one of the most important Nintendo games in history. It’s a fun and action-packed game in which players can explore a detailed fantasy world while enjoying great music, solving puzzles and battling enemies.

1 Super Mario Bros.

No other classic game is as fun and iconic as the first game in the Super Mario series. This 2D side-scrolling co-op action game from 1985 is still one of the most cheerful games you can play when you want to lift your spirits.

Thanks to its iconic characters, cheerful music, and one of the most unique jumping mechanics in the game, it’s an enjoyable game for all types of players. In this dynamic 2-player game, fans can take on the role of Mario as he sets off on an adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue Princess Toadstool.

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