10 Lasting Jewelry Brands To Buy For Endless Compliments


An undeniably important part of personal style, jewelry has a tremendous ability to not only tell a story about who we are and what we love, but also act as wearable keepsakes of special moments, milestones and life achievements. .

Whether you’re looking for more edgy styles or looking for modern heirlooms, the same principle applies. There’s never been a better time to consider the sustainability of your jewelry purchases, both for the planet and for your wallet.

Keep reading below for 10 jewelry brands that rank just as well for durability as they do for aesthetics.

Temple of the Sun

Masters of ethical production, Temple Of The Sun’s Byron Bay solar-powered studio focus on handcrafting and creating modern heirlooms with ethical integrity. Each piece is inspired by the brand’s founders (and real life partners), Yonna and Darren’s love for doing things differently. Additionally, the brand has made personal commitments under the three pillars of ‘people’, ‘planet’ and ‘materials’, ensuring that everything from packaging to diversity aligns with their sustainable and ethical brand values. Shop here.

holly ryan

Much-loved for over a decade, Holly Ryan championed sustainable and ethical jewelry production long before it was cool. The brand uses upcycled, upcycled materials and responsibly sourced stones to create handcrafted pieces designed to be worn and loved forever. The brand also champions a closed-loop recycling initiative that offers customers the unique opportunity to rework, return or repair existing Holly Ryan pieces to ensure continued durability and wearability. Shop here.

Nathalie Marie

Based on Sydney’s northern beaches, family business Natalie Marie is dedicated to creating fine jewelry that is beautiful, wearable and unique. A staple for custom-designed engagement rings and other modern heirlooms, the brand’s bespoke service ensures the conscious creation of high-quality pieces made from sustainable materials, each with a unique story. Working with 100% recycled Australian sterling silver, 70% recycled Australian gold and GIA certified diamonds, every item purchased from Natalie Marie is made to order, ensuring that no piece is lost. Shop here.

Communal gallery

La Commune Gallery is not just a brand, but a collective exhibition space presenting various models of ethical, handmade and locally produced jewellery. Founder Eloise Falkiner and Christian Stott carefully select each piece to be displayed alongside their own work, ensuring that all items meet their individual ethical standards. If you can’t find something perfect for you (or a special someone) on display, the Commune Gallery will be happy to work with you to commission a unique piece of jewelry art that you will treasure for years to come. Shop here.

Laura Lombardi

Laura Lombardi’s chunky gold jewelry line will bring a cool ’90s vibe to your everyday look. Striving to source materials responsibly and create with care, the brand’s pieces are made from a mix of new, upcycled and upcycled materials, including vintage unsold. Based in Brooklyn, most of the brand’s pieces are made and produced locally, using the skills and expertise of several local businesses, including a Brooklyn-based brass factory. The company also ensures that everyone involved in creating its products receives a fair and decent wage. Shop here.

Sarah and Sebastian

With a long list of conscious goals and brand practices, the much-loved fine jewelery brand Sarah and Sebastian has long set the standard for ethical and sustainable jewelery production in Australia. From its make-to-order model for low product waste, to using recycled materials, ethically sourced stones and diamonds, to working primarily with local suppliers and artisans to ensure maximum transparency, there’s not much that Sarah and Sebastian don’t do to ensure high ethical, social and environmental standards. Shop here.

Monique Vinader

Completely carbon neutral and free of single-use plastic, Monica Vinader recently received the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark certification, a certification awarded to luxury brands that meet the highest standards of verified environmental, social and governance performance. The brand’s website also provides a full breakdown of its sustainable principles and practices, covering everything from recycling to ethically sourcing diamonds and everything in between. Shop here.

Sophie Mary

Inspired by imperfect shapes, natural textures and organic lines, each piece in Sofia Maria’s fine jewelery line is handmade locally by Maria herself on Sydney’s northern beaches. By choosing to work only with locally sourced and handpicked recycled metals and responsibly sourced natural gemstones, purchasing a piece made by Sofia ensures that you are supporting 100% handcrafted, locally made pieces and produced sustainably. Shop here.


Larsen is perfect if you want to buy sustainably produced wedding, engagement and unique occasion pieces. With high ethical standards at the heart of everything they do, you can feel good knowing that every piece has been sourced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Working with conflict-free diamonds and Fairtrade gold, the brand is certified carbon neutral, produced locally in Australia and donates at least 10% of its profits to charitable causes each year. As a bonus, Larsen also provides a lifetime warranty on every part purchased. Shop here.


Every piece created by RUUSK was designed with purpose, intention and conscious production to ensure lifetime wearability. The brand uses traditional jewelry making techniques, hand carving, casting and polishing each piece locally in Newcastle and Sydney. Every RUUSK piece is crafted from ethical Australian gold, with all diamonds sourced from accredited diamond suppliers to ensure they are conflict free. The brand has also adopted a low-waste process, with its studio powered by a combination of renewable and carbon offset energy and all supplies, from scrap metal to studio paper, being recycled where possible. Shop here.

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